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Thanks for Being a PHNA Member!

Thanks for Being a Member!

Whether it feels like fall or not, the Pemberton Heights Neighborhood Association held its Annual Fall Picnic Oct. 22 (unless we were rained out!). As I write this column in late September, the PHNA board and volunteers are in the thick of planning this event in hopes it will give each of us the opportunity to connect with friends and to make new ones in this great neighborhood we call home. The picnic is a benefit of PHNA membership and I want to thank everyone who joined or renewed their membership and those who attended the picnic!

The new membership year started Oct. 1, but you can join at any time! Just visit to join or renew today.

Coming together at a picnic, or orchestrating a spring yard sale, is very different than coming together on issues that affect Pemberton Heights, such as CodeNext, the plan to revamp the City of Austin Land Development Code, or mobility issues. This year, PHNA launched a new web site to be a resource for news and events that directly affect the quality of life and character of the neighborhood, as well as help represent the face of PHNA to persons looking to live or purchase a home.

A new board of directors will take the reins starting next month. As you look to the next year, please consider how you can become involved with PHNA to elevate the quality and sense of community that is needed more than ever as Austin, and our neighborhood, are faced with complex issues that carry long-term impact. We always need volunteers to update the web site, help with events like the yard sale and picnic, and help create new ways for neighbors young and old to be involved.

PHNA is your association. All you have to do is join to have a voice and a visible role in how effective it can be in preserving and enhancing the quality of life in this great neighborhood we call home.

To join or learn more about PHNA, visit

Lisa Stark Walsh

President, PHNA

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